New PM Modi Wani Scheme 2021 | Free wifi, Features, Benefits

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PM modi wani scheme2021 || पीएम मोदी वानी योजना 2021

This PM Modi Wani Scheme is for the people who are small shopkeepers can provide customers with the free wifi service from the government. Prime Minister Modi has tweeted on 8th december that ‘With this scheme our small shopkeepers will be able to provide Wi-Fi service. This will boost their income and at the same time ensure that our youth get easy internet connectivity. The official tweet from the twitter account is below.

Official tweet of PM modi

The government has approved the establishment of a public Wi-Fi network through the Public Data Office (PDO) to expand broadband Internet access across the country. Any small shop or shared service center (CSC) can also be (PDO) public data office. Under this, public Wi-Fi networks or ‘access points’ can also be installed at local grocery shops and street shops. Neither license nor registration will be required for PDO.

This Scheme will bring changes to many lives and proved to be a game changer in increasing the income of small shopkeepers.

Benefits of the scheme

PM modi wani scheme or yojana will benefits the small shopkeepers and also helps the students or youth to access the unintruppted internet. some short highlights are

  • The project is a dream come true for the rural area people who lacks the proper Internet Services.
  • This scheme will boost incomes as well as ensure the youth gets seamless internet connectivity.
  • Through this initiative, even a small tea shop vendor can open data centres in a locality.
  • There will be no license fee for providing Broadband Internet through these public Wi-Fi networks.
  • The move will generate income as well as employment to the people in the country.
  • It promotes digital literacy among the people of the country.

How to Apply for PM Modi Free Wi-Fi Internet Scheme 

In this instance, we don’t have any information regarding the registration or the application process for applying the scheme through online/offline mode. As it is a very recent scheme by the government. For further information you can click on the official website of the indian telecommunication department

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