New Online jobs india 2021 – just sign up and earn in $(dollars) by doing micro tasks.

Online Jobs
Online jobs

Appen .com a company providing a work from home and part time Online jobs.

Appen Limited (formerly known as Appen Butler Hill) is a publicly traded company. provides many Online jobs to work from home part time. Appen provides or improves data used for the development of machine learning and artificial intelligence products. Data types include speech and natural language data processing, upsetting offensive tasks, new voice bots, removal of adult content, image and video data, to improve search and social media engines.

This job in is about the micro tasks in which a simple computer user can do it, only by knowing the basics of computer.

Steps to Create your Appen Contributor Portal Account

  • A person has to first visit the on the website.
  • Afterward there are three options select microtasks at centre.
  • After clicking on microtasks this page will appear
  • Fill all details inside each block.
  • And you are good to go select on a task to complete it.
  • For payment purposes you have to create a paypal account.

What is Appen Contributor Portal?

Appen is the essential Human-in-the-Loop AI platform. Appen Contributor Portal allows contributors to complete tasks on the Appen platform in exchange for rewards.

What are the requirements for creating an account on the Contributor Portal?

All contributors must be at least 18 years of age, provide a valid email address, and verify their accounts via SMS to a valid phone number. In order to successfully withdraw earnings through Appen Contributor Portal, contributors must connect a PayPal account. You will also need to create a main Appen account in addition to your Contributor Portal account here. If you’re a new Appen contributor, you will be prompted to sign up for Appen account later. If you already have an Appen Contributor Portal account, you will be prompted to sign in once you click on a task.

How do payments work?

Appen Contributor Portal allows contributors to withdraw their earnings into their PayPal account. At this time, this is the only payment processor offered by Appen Contributor Portal. Withdrawal requests are reviewed and completed once a week by the Appen team. Contributors receive every cent of their earnings through Appen Contributor Portal, as Appen does not take a % cut of the earned money.

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